For American social worker Peyton Stanfield, it was the usual start to another school year at Montebello High School. But a chance encounter with Hamilton Banks, a handsome, captivating and wealthy Jamaican businessman forever changes her life and immediately consumes it. His presence, persistence, and desire for her attention leads to a socially forbidden love affair. He is unlike any man she knows: passionate, mystifying and married to the president of the Charm Town School Board. Her willingness to engage in his world reveals the dark side of the Charm Town School District. 


Charm Town Codes is the second novel in the Charm Town Series and begins at the start of the Christmas season. The story of Peyton and Hamilton continues as their love affair takes a dangerous and unexpected turn at the same time the students of Montebello High School are faced with the tragedy and triumph of going to school amid crime, unemployment and broken families. Confronted with an appalling revelation, Peyton has a decision to make that could threaten all the students of Charm Town. 


Charm Town Revelations is the third novel in the Charm Town Series and begins at the start of spring break, a time when students and teachers rest from the rigors of academics. Peyton finds herself in an unimaginable position as she struggles to comprehend the shocking chain of events, Hamilton's actions, subsequent alienation of her social circle and continue her passion of providing for the students and families of Montebello High School.